Historical tribute may be lost


In 2003 Melton Council provided the Diggers Rest Primary School with a $4,000 grant which was used to create an historical pathway.

The pathway features mosaics depicting Diggers Rest’s past, present and what the pupils guessed was to be it’s future.

Historical events are an important aspect of the social fabric of Diggers Rest and the preservation of significant moments in time are cherished and help to portray the development of our small town.

It is understood that proposed upgrade works along Plumpton Road adjacent to the school may jeopardise part of this unique pathway project.

The “Walk Through Time” pathway has become an integral piece of the school facade which over its 10 year history reflects a focal story told in tiles.

Any damage or removal to tiles one (1) and two (2) would represent a sad day for the Primary School Community and naturally Diggers Rest.

In the interests of all residents within Diggers Rest it is hoped that careful consideration to the preservation of this important project has not been overlooked.

More information about the “Walk Through Time” is available via the following link:

Airport plan approved for take off


Over the last two years Melbourne Airport has developed its 2013 Master Plan.  The Master Plan outlines the vision and strategic intent for Melbourne Airport’s future for the next 20 years.  This long-term planning is vital, with over 64 million passengers per year expected by 2033.

The development of the Master Plan has involved a broad range of stakeholders including Commonwealth, State and Local Government, industry, community and airline partners.   Throughout the two year period, Melbourne Airport engaged with its stakeholders through 32 public meetings and information sessions, over 100 briefings, advertisements, social media activity, fact sheets, website communications and an interactive noise tool.   The involvement and contribution of every stakeholder has allowed Melbourne Airport to develop a comprehensive document, addressing the airport’s future needs, while balancing the interaction with residential neighbours and the wider community.

On December 23, 2013 the Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development approved the 2013 Melbourne Airport Master Plan pursuant to Section 81 of the Airports Act 1996. A copy of the media release is available via the following link:

In accordance with the Act, the final Master Plan will be published within 50 days and will be available for viewing via the following link:

At this time the 2013 Master Plan will also available for inspection at the office of Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd, 2nd Floor, T2 (International Terminal), Melbourne Airport, telephone 9297 1600, between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

According to Melbourne Airport, they will now be turning the plans into reality.  This will include investing over $1 billion in the next two years.  This work alone will create over 3,000 construction jobs and ongoing employment opportunities.   Over the next 20 years the Airport will invest $10 billion into upgrading facilities.  This investment will strengthen Melbourne Airport’s role as the gateway to Victoria and create employment and economic benefits to the local region and Victoria more broadly.

It is important to note that while the vision for the future has been approved, major projects will require further planning approval.   One of the major developments outlined in the Master Plan is the third-runway.  The planning process for this specific project will begin shortly.

More information is available via the following link:

Residents want action on hotel eyesore


At the December ordinary meeting of Council held last night, Watts ward Councillor Lara Carli tabled a petition from residents requesting Council issue an order to demolish the burnt out shell of what was once the Diggers Rest Hotel.

It is expected that Council will respond in writing to each signatory in response to the individual letters presented in chamber.

Whilst it is not likely that Council will act on the requests, it is fair to say that the petition will continue to apply pressure in search of a favourable outcome for Diggers Rest.

The hotel was destroyed by fire on October 30, 2008.

Diggers Rest History Project


It is frustrating to know that much of the historical archives about Diggers Rest remain to be quite obscure or held in captivity under lock and key.

We all know that Diggers Rest was an important stopping place on the road to the goldfields during the 1800’s and that it was also a vibrant farming community. But do we know much about our local people and the day-to-day stories which helped to shape our identity?

The Diggers Rest History Project with the valued support of the Melton City Council, the Diggers Rest Primary School, the Melton & District Historical Society and the Melton Library aims to strengthen our community values whilst delivering a quality publication, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Let’s all work together to help unlock some of those hidden gems from under the bed, beneath the wardrobe and in the third drawer down.

You helped to shape Diggers Rest, so your story is important.

For additional information or to become involved in the project, please contact
David O’Connor on 9740 1060

Diggers Rest History Project

2013 Community Carols


Congratulations to the Diggers Rest Primary School and the official sponsors (Lions Club of Diggers Rest) for a job well done.

As expected, the Diggers Rest annual community carols held last night was well attended. Family, friends and neighbours took the time out to enjoy the festive cheer.

Our Melton City Mayor and Deputy Mayor (Cr. Bob Turner and Cr. Sophie Ramsey) attended the evening in a non official capacity.

Hats off to the students and staff of the Diggers Rest Primary School for a most delightful occasion. Merry Christmas everyone.

Big shout out to City of Melton teenagers aged 14 to 16 years.

The Happiness Cycle

The Happiness Cycle is an initiative by Coca Cola in partnership with Bicycle Network.  It is being launched in the City of Melton next week.  It is aimed at getting young people active in riding bikes at a time they tend to drift away from riding.  Sam Willoughby, 2012 Olympic BMX Silver Medallist and BMX World Champion will be there to launch the program and assist young people to construct their bikes.

There are three type of bikes available – BMX, Hybrid or Single speed.  Each registered person will also receive head and tail lights, a helmet and a bike lock.

The Happiness Cycle bike give away and App launch will start at 10am and finish at 4pm Thursday the 12th of December at the Caroline Springs Leisure Centre.  If you are making your own way there and back it will take you about 3 hours from start to finish.

Up to 300 bikes will be given away to teenagers aged 14 – 16 and who live within the City of Melton municipality.  Registration has just gone live.  To register, young people aged 14 to 16 who live within the municipality need to go onto the following website:

Please note: You need to have a Facebook Page to link in with and you need to bring along a signed Waiver form (by parent/guardian) you can print from the registration page.  Forms will also be available on the day but they do need to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Young people can make their own way there or they can catch a coach bus from Melton Youth Services Centre (Barries Rd, Melton) to Caroline Springs.  Young people from the Melton Township and surrounds will need to be at the Melton Youth Services Centre in Barries Rd Melton at 8.45am.

They will be dropped back at the Melton Youth Services Centre between 4:30pm and 5:00pm.  They can be picked up from there anytime up to 7pm as they are more than welcome to stay at Launchpad, our youth drop in program, to take part in PC or console gaming, play pool, air hockey, pinball etc. or some organised activities.

Transportation of bikes back to the Youth Centre or to young people’s homes will also be organised where possible (some limitations exist regarding the number able to be transported).

To arrange to catch the bus a transport permission form  (download) will need to be completed and a booking will need to be made by emailing yse@melton.vic.gov.au or calling 9747 5373.  The attached Transport Permission Form will need to be completed and signed.  Details are on this form.

Young people from rural areas and small townships can be picked up from Rockbank and Diggers Rest if unable to get there.  Please contact Melton Youth Services on 9747 5373 and we will arrange for your pick up and drop off.  A Transport permission form (download) will need to be filled out and signed.  Details are on this form.