Houdini bi-plane returns to Melton


Local Melton resident David Axon has been successful in his efforts to have the Houdini scale model bi-plane returned to Melton City. The model which was built by local Melton resident Ian Satur for the 2010 Houdini First Flight celebrations was donated to the National Aviation Museum of Australia last year.

According to Ian, the plane is “severely damaged” and will take sometime to repair.

David Axon is hoping that once repaired the plane can be put on permanent display at the Melton Library and Learning Hub.

Have your say on Council spending


Each year through the budget submission process, Melton City Council provide an opportunity for community feedback in relation to Council spending.

This is your chance to tell Council about your thoughts and ideas.

Council will be conducting Pre-Budget Community Engagement Sessions for the period 2014-17 in particular, the 2014-15 municipal budget.

Melton Community Hall, 232 High Street, Melton on:

Saturday February 1, 2014 between 9:30am – 1:00pm, or
Monday February 3, 2014 between 5:00pm – 8:30pm

Alternatively, feedback can be provided online via the following link:

The budget engagement sessions do not replace the statutory section 223 committee process.

A fitting tribute

Friday September 8, 1989 was a tragic day for Diggers Rest. Melton Councillor Vernon Edward Weaver was killed in a vehicle accident in Western Australia. Cr Weaver together with fellow Councillors Jim McElroy (Shire President) and Leonie Patterson (Deputy Shire President) were returning to Melbourne following the 29th International Union of Local Authorities Congress.

It is understood that the accident occurred around 1:15am (Perth Time) about 30 km east of Cocklebiddy along the Eyre Highway.
Cr Weaver was asleep on the back seat of the vehicle prior to the accident.

At the time of his death, he was the second longest serving Councillor who served with the Council as President in 1988-89.

According to Martin (Marty) Weaver Vernon’s son, his father was the founder and first President of the Diggers Rest Cricket Club. He started the Diggers Rest Tennis Club and he was involved in the Diggers Rest Football and Bowling Clubs. He also helped establish a youth group for Diggers Rest.

He was known as a very civic minded and well liked community person. In a tribute article published in the Mail-Express September 13, 1989 the president of the Diggers Rest Football Club, Mr Laurie Pincini, spoke for many Melton and Diggers Rest residents when he reflected: “His death leaves a rather large hole in a small community.”

Inspired by the Diggers Rest History Project.
Special thanks to Tara Murray and the Melton & Moorabool Weekly.

The old school house


Located at 1290 Calder Highway Diggers Rest, the old School House is a unique example of the ‘Edwardian Single Room’ school building as established on behalf of the Education Department in the early 1900’s.

Whilst still retaining many of the original attributes of its era, the building represents an abstract of the localised State Primary education, whereby small schools were constructed and relocated to accommodate fluctuating rural populations.

The old School House was relocated to its current site and restored by the community in 1993.

This building is of significant social and historical benefit to the community of Diggers Rest and according to the Melton Heritage Study, the building houses the Diggers Rest historical records.

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‘Walk through time’ tribute saved


Melton City Council CEO, Kelvin Tori today confirmed that Council has required the developer to remove and protect the tiles from damage during the works. It is understood that the school has asked the developer to incorporate the tiles in the new landscaped frontage of the school.

This is positive news for our community which demonstrates a sincere level of commitment by Council.

As always, the efforts of Council are very much appreciated.

Past could fund future


Over the years Diggers Rest has provided an historical back drop for publishers, film makers, song writers, authors and artists.

Brett McBean, Sunbury author of Wolf Creek was recently featured in the Sunbury Leader at the old Diggers Rest Petrol Station. The old Petrol Station featured in a 2008 Sidchrome commercial and a promotional poster for the 1981 feature movie ‘Road Games’.

Along the Calder Highway, the remains of the burnt out hotel, the federation style house and the former school are all identified as of historical significance by Melton Council.

What about the old Petrol Station? Has it just simply been overlooked in the scheme of things, or it possible to revamp this historical gateway to the Diggers Rest township and create a thriving metropolis?

A fully functional hotel and conference centre, overnight accommodation bed & breakfast and a traditional style automotive service centre may provide the necessary ingredients for future success.

According to an article published on January 18, 1978 in the Melton – Bacchus Marsh Advocate (Grant for “The Willows”) the then Department of Conservation approved a grant under the National State Program to restore the Willows homestead in Melton.
Melton Council matched the grant funding at $2.00 for every $1.00 raised.

This area may enable Diggers Rest to create an attractive tourist spot with landscape gardens and ancillary business opportunities for the region.

The new Bloomdale Estate promises to deliver significant developer contributions for Diggers Rest which could lay the foundations for a once in a life time opportunity to rebuild what is claimed to be our valuable assets.

Splash Out Pool Party

Melton & Hume City Council Youth Services present “Splash Out Pool Party”, the coolest pool party in the west.

If you’re aged 12 to 24 and would like to go to a pool party this Friday, Melton Youth Services will pick you up from the Diggers Rest Community Hall at 1:30pm
(7:15 – 7:30pm drop back).

If you are under 18yo you will need a transport consent form for your parent/guardian to sign when you are picked up. Call 9747 5421 to book yourself in – ask for Kat.

Download A4 flyer link:


Have your say on housing in Melton


Following on from the community visioning sessions held in September 2013, Melton City Council have now released the draft strategy for community feedback.

The draft strategy aims to provide a twenty year plan that establishes housing needs and identifies suitable locations across the city’s established residential areas, that can accommodate additional residential development.

The consultation period commenced on December 16, 2013 and will close on February 28, 2014.

Use the following link to download a copy of the draft strategy and change area maps.

They’re back…

corellas-glitter-roadEach year and for the past several years, 1,000’s of little Corella’s migrate to Diggers Rest. During their stay, the birds have reportedly caused “havoc in Diggers Rest, chewing through wires, shredding trees and chirping at all hours of the day and night”.Local resident Charlie Watson, told Melton Leader (March 29, 2011 – Flock shock) that “they hang off wires, shred trees, and half the time you cannot even hear yourself think”.

Residents have on many occasions met with Melton Council and the Department of Environment and Sustainability in order to find effective solutions to the problem. The birds are protected under the wildlife act.

A fact sheet with solutions to helping reduce the damage caused by cockatoos is available via the following link: http://www.diggersrest.com/files/pdf/2003/reducing-cockatoo-damage.pdf

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Biplane finds new home at Moorabbin


On January 8 2013, the one third scale model of the famous Houdini biplane was donated to the National Aviation Museum of Australia. Subsequently the model is now on display at Moorabbin Victoria.

Local Melton resident Ian Satur built the model as part of the Australian Centenary of Flight celebrations in March 2010.

Prior to being donated, the Houdini model biplane hung with pride from the ceiling of the old school house in Diggers Rest.

It is understood that the Lions Club of Diggers Rest were “worried that the model would be better suited in a museum or gallery”.

In conjunction with the Diggers Rest History Project, a visit to the National Aviation Museum of Australia is being organised.

Visit the National Aviation Museum of Australia website via the following link: