Intersection signals safety concerns


Diggers Rest fireys are calling on motorists to give way to emergency vehicles according to a recent article published in the Melton Star Weekly. (April 7, 2015 | Page 8)

In accordance with the Development Contributions Plan (DCP) for Diggers Rest, the construction of a 4 way signalised intersection is proposed for Vineyard Road and Houdini Drive.

The development of Bloomdale and St Ives Estates are now well underway and like the Diggers Rest Fire Brigade, exiting Houdini Drive onto Vineyard Road has become quite difficult and at times unsafe.

Vehicles using Vineyard Road bound for the Calder Freeway and Sunbury are given little warning about the intersection. The current lack of a controlled intersection may reinforce the need to reduce the speed limit from the current 80 km per hour speed zone.

As part of the Local Area Traffic Management Study for Diggers Rest, Melton City Council acknowledge the need to advocate for the installation of traffic signals early in the development stages of the expanding township.