Network builds community spirit

Neighbours Network is a group of neighbours that meet on a monthly basis to help everyone feel connected, safe and supported.

Neighbours Network builds community spirit and formulates strategies to encourage wider participation in building safe and confident community.

Neighbours Network has been instrumental in suggesting, and then putting in place many community events such as Halloween Walking Bus, Easter Parade and more . It has also organised  relevant information sessions and talks  on Will Making, Emergency Readiness and more with Govt and non Govt bodies such as Vic Police that the wider Diggers Rest Community could be a part of and benefit from.

Neighbours Network welcomes the rich diversity of Diggers Rest and supports community to develop its own identity, create character and build upon the increasing sense of local pride and participation.

Neighbours Network is welcoming more members, if you wish to be a member and become a voice for Diggers Rest please email Inderdeep on or call 0439 327 716

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Stay cyber safe


Cyber attack in our local area is becoming wide spread and more frequent, especially against business.

Recently, our website was compromised by hackers looking to extract data relating to residents living in Diggers Rest. Fortunately, we do not store sensitive information online.

However, as a result some of our hosted domains remain inactive. It’s important when using the internet that you refrain from using the “unsubscribe” link provided in emails. This link can easily be redirected to malicious spyware or malware.

Always protect your “date of birth”. In Australia, this is your passport to many services and utilities and acts as a personal identifier. It’s rather nice to get a friendly facebook birthday greeting. However, your birth date could provide an ideal opportunity to become a victim of cyber crime.

To learn more about staying smart online visit the following link:

Crime stats up for Diggers Rest


Despite the cold weather, a number of residents attended the presentation by Acting Inspector, Peter Langdon from Victoria Police last night.

The session proved very informative with the inspector taking a series of questions from community members. According to the Crime Statistics Agency website, the number of offences for the 3427 postcode has surged from 124 in 2012 to 267 to March 2016, an overall increase of about 115%.

Explore crime by location – click here

The majority of offences involve property and deception offences. Drug related offences still remain one of the lowest for the area.

The Inspector urged residents to call “000” (tripple zero) and report any crime related issues. These include, hooning, suspicious behavior and damage to property.

Cyber crime and scams were also up for discussion. The Inspector made mention of the Australian Cyber Crime Online Reporting Network and he suggested reporting any suspicious online activity to them. This is an Australian Government initiative and can be found via the following link:

Melton Leader shutdown


Wafer thin editions, a reduction in real estate content and the decision to withdraw household deliveries to Diggers Rest were all signs that our local Melton Leader may be coming to an end.

Leader Community News have announced that after 17 years “this newspaper will be no more”.

The news group plan to focus on publications which provide greater potential for future commercial success and audience growth.

During its lifetime, the local Melton Leader has been an important and reliable publication for the Melton municipality, especially in Diggers Rest. is sincerely grateful for the support and dedication with local news stories and issues concerning our community.

This support would not have been possible without the genuine commitment of the editor, Paige Ricci and news journalist Ami Humpage.

The final edition is expected to be available on June 27, 2016.

Live at Sunbury in Diggers Rest


“Most people I know, think that I’m craaazeeeee…” chanted Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. 35,000 people joined in, filling the natural amphitheatre at Diggers Rest with thumping rock refrains. This was a legendary moment at the Sunbury Pop Festival.

‘Sunbury’ (also dubbed ‘Our Woodstock’) was held on Australia Day long weekend between 1972 and 1974. It attracted the best in Aussie pub-rock including Chain, Spectrum, Renee Geyer, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks and Johnny O’Keefe.

In 1974 UK Glam-rock band Queen headlined, but failed to impress. “Aussie rock had come into its own, so when Queen appeared in their satin clothes they were booed off stage,” remembers ‘Aztecs’ drummer, Gil Matthews.

Festival property owner, George Duncan, felt the first ‘Sunbury’ marked an important turning point for Australian youth: “We were being drafted to war, and young people showed up to say, ‘hey we are being slaughtered over in Vietnam and you don’t want to know about us’. Well you’ll hear us now.”

As with Woodstock, topless females were common. “Paul Hogan came on stage with a topless girl and asked, ‘This girl is lost, can anyone help her?’ and every man yelled that they could.”

– Tim Lambert, festival attendee.
(Caroline Chisholm Gold Shelter – Diggers Rest)

Neighbours prompt Police talks.


The Community of Diggers Rest has for many years had a strong working relationship with our local Police. Besides usual Police matters, Melton and Caroline Police have been very proactive working with residents, groups and clubs wherever possible.

Neighbours Network had requested if someone from Victoria Police could come to talk to them about their role and how the community and police can work together for the betterment of Diggers Rest.

Acting Inspector, Peter Langdon from Victoria Police has kindly agreed to come to the Diggers Rest Community Hall on Friday June 17, 2016 at 7:15pm

This session is open to all members of the community and it is a great opportunity for everyone to participate in the discussions.