Santa’s annual visit

Santa stopped for a couple of happy snaps during his visit to Diggers Rest today.

The annual trip around the township is organised by the Diggers Rest Lions Club and supported by the Diggers Rest Fire Brigade.

Local children look forward to the yearly catch up and the gift of lollies as part of Christmas celebrations in Diggers Rest.

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of volunteers who help make this event possible.

Thanks Santa, the Lions Club and the CFA.

Stormwater works, welcomed

Property owners in Welcome Road and Mullock Road will be pleased to know that drainage works have commenced as an ultimate solution to the existing flooding issue in the area.

In the past, a number of property owners have experienced flooding during major storm events.

As part of the St Genevieve residential development, the developers are providing a retarding basin (wetland) at the rear portion of the Norm Raven Reserve.

It’s understood the wetlands will be completed to a high standard and will provide a fantastic open space for current and future residents to enjoy.

Dare to be Diggers

Using the colloquial name ‘Diggers” to describe anything Diggers Rest may soon be a breach of trademark.

A recent trademark application has not been accepted on the basis that it resembles the already registered trademark “Diggers Market”, because both marks contain the word “Diggers” and this may result in confusion among consumers, according to IP Australia.

The trademark “Diggers Market” and the business name “Diggers Rest Market” have been registered for community purpose and form part of a social enterprise model for the Community of Diggers Rest.

Lawyers and Consultants for the applicant have indicated that they will legally challenge the use of the trademark “Diggers Market”, claiming that their client is well known by the associated trademark “Diggers”.

If successful, the application will potentially monopolise the use of the word “Diggers” exclusively within 14 different business categories throughout Australia.

The dictionary word ‘DIGGERS’ is widely used throughout Australia in connection with a diverse mix of applications, including its historical use pertaining to WW1, WW2 and ANZAC veteran soldiers.

Regional cities within Victoria, like Ballarat and Bendigo can demonstrate the usage of the word ‘DIGGERS’ in association with the Victorian Gold Rush days.

The Diggers Rest garden group which is currently known as “Green Diggers” may no longer be able to use that name.

Some clarification has been requested from IP Australia pending an outcome.

Tough talk on crime


In September a public meeting was held in Diggers Rest to discuss community safety and the possibility of establishing a neighbourhood crime prevention group.

Melton City Council hosted the event which attracted a number of attendees and guests including Melton City Councillors Lara Carli, Kathy Majdlik and former Councillor Renata Cugliari.

The meeting provided an opportunity for locals to speak directly with law enforcement officers and seek answers to crime related questions during the open forum.

Despite the collection of email addresses and contact details on the night, to date no feedback regarding the outcomes from the meeting have been forthcoming.

Recently the township of Diggers Rest has experienced a level of increased criminal activity which has left many residents feeling uncomfortable and concerned about safety.

The Diggers Rest Pre-School remains closed following an incident involving a stolen vehicle and many residents are out-of-pocket due to a number of vandalised vehicles in the area.

Community Against Crime coordinator Tim Payne has offered to assist with the establishment of a crime prevention and awareness program for Diggers Rest.

Some residents are eager to see security cameras installed around the estate to monitor public areas, similar to the initiative being planned for Lakeside residents in Pakenham.

Tim Payne can be contacted on 0418 136 263.