Airport plan approved for take off


Over the last two years Melbourne Airport has developed its 2013 Master Plan.  The Master Plan outlines the vision and strategic intent for Melbourne Airport’s future for the next 20 years.  This long-term planning is vital, with over 64 million passengers per year expected by 2033.

The development of the Master Plan has involved a broad range of stakeholders including Commonwealth, State and Local Government, industry, community and airline partners.   Throughout the two year period, Melbourne Airport engaged with its stakeholders through 32 public meetings and information sessions, over 100 briefings, advertisements, social media activity, fact sheets, website communications and an interactive noise tool.   The involvement and contribution of every stakeholder has allowed Melbourne Airport to develop a comprehensive document, addressing the airport’s future needs, while balancing the interaction with residential neighbours and the wider community.

On December 23, 2013 the Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development approved the 2013 Melbourne Airport Master Plan pursuant to Section 81 of the Airports Act 1996. A copy of the media release is available via the following link:

In accordance with the Act, the final Master Plan will be published within 50 days and will be available for viewing via the following link:

At this time the 2013 Master Plan will also available for inspection at the office of Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd, 2nd Floor, T2 (International Terminal), Melbourne Airport, telephone 9297 1600, between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

According to Melbourne Airport, they will now be turning the plans into reality.  This will include investing over $1 billion in the next two years.  This work alone will create over 3,000 construction jobs and ongoing employment opportunities.   Over the next 20 years the Airport will invest $10 billion into upgrading facilities.  This investment will strengthen Melbourne Airport’s role as the gateway to Victoria and create employment and economic benefits to the local region and Victoria more broadly.

It is important to note that while the vision for the future has been approved, major projects will require further planning approval.   One of the major developments outlined in the Master Plan is the third-runway.  The planning process for this specific project will begin shortly.

More information is available via the following link:

Aircraft Noise – Melbourne Airport

Are you being woken up at night by AIRCRAFT NOISE?

Disturbed sleep is a serious health problem that can lead to stress, tiredness, confusion, high blood pressure and many other illnesses. Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) is the only major Australian airport that does not have a curfew.

Help yourself and the whole community by logging an aircraft noise complaint 1800 802 584 (Put this number in your mobile phone and call each time you get woken up or the next morning) If you don’t call nothing will be done about it!

You can also lodge a noise complaint on-line here:

Air Space Invaders

A new area of concern in relation to noise complaints is Diggers Rest.  The number of noise complaints from this area has increased markedly.  A Diggers Rest resident has been liaising with Melbourne Airport and it appears that the complaints have been triggered by a planning and development issues involved the Melton Shire Council.  Steve Finlay representing Melton Shire Council confirmed that a community group is opposed to a motion that council passed in regard to a development at the October 2006 council meeting.  Gilbert Richardson commented that APAM is available to speak to the community group on aircraft noise management.  Steve responded that he would advise APAM as to whether this will be required. Action: Steve Finlay to advise as to whether APAM involvement will be of assistance with the issue.  Steve will also provide a copy of the October council report to APAM, which outlines the planning issue causing community concern.