De-sexing of cats

Currently 97 percent of cats registered in the City of Melton are de-sexed. The continuation of mandatory de-sexing of cats this will eventually reduce the impact cats have on our wildlife, the number of stray and feral cats in the wild, as well as lower euthanizing rates of cats.

As such, at the June ordinary meeting of Council, Melton City Council resolved not to register or renew the registration of any cat unless it has been de-sexed.

However, some special circumstances exist where cat owners may be exempt.

a. A cat that was registered prior to the 11 December 2011 and has continued to be registered with this Council

b. A cat that is owned by a person or body that conducts a Registered Domestic Animal Business, under which cats are breed and the cat is used for breeding purposes in connection with the business

c. A cat that is owned by a person who is a current member of an Applicable
Organisation, and the cat is registered with that organisation

d. A cat that is subject of written veterinary advise, which states that the health of the cat is liable to be significantly prejudiced if it is de-sexed.

For additional information, contact Melton City Council