Diggers Rest History Project


It is frustrating to know that much of the historical archives about Diggers Rest remain to be quite obscure or held in captivity under lock and key.

We all know that Diggers Rest was an important stopping place on the road to the goldfields during the 1800’s and that it was also a vibrant farming community. But do we know much about our local people and the day-to-day stories which helped to shape our identity?

The Diggers Rest History Project with the valued support of the Melton City Council, the Diggers Rest Primary School, the Melton & District Historical Society and the Melton Library aims to strengthen our community values whilst delivering a quality publication, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Let’s all work together to help unlock some of those hidden gems from under the bed, beneath the wardrobe and in the third drawer down.

You helped to shape Diggers Rest, so your story is important.

For additional information or to become involved in the project, please contact
David O’Connor on 9740 1060

Diggers Rest History Project