Green light for bottle shop

Melton City Council will issue a notice of decision to grant a permit for a packaged liquor license associated with a retail premises at 29 Cradle Road, Diggers Rest.

Councillors accepted the Officers recommendation which will allow the sale of packaged liquor between 10am to 10pm, Sunday to Saturday and 12pm to 10pm, ANZAC Day.

According to the report, Council received a number of objections against the proposal which are summarised as follows:

  • Adequacy of on-site car parking.
  • Sufficient number of liquor outlets in the surrounding area.
  • Location inappropriate for the sale of packaged liquor particularly in a centre where there is a limited sense of ownership, pride and identity.
  • Use of nearby public park for alcohol consumption.
  • Safety of staff and adequacy of site supervision.
  • Amenity concerns (ie. deliveries, rubbish, noise and broken empty bottles).

Council considers the proposal acceptable given the type of licence being requested, the location of the site and the nature of uses in the commercial strip.

The approval is subject to the installation of mirrors and CCTV cameras to improve general safety in the commercial area.