Home security, Big Brother style

Residents in Tea Tree Street in the new estate of Bloomdale at Diggers Rest are concerned about increasing crime in their local area.

With the help of not for profit group Community Against Crime, these residents have come together to create what they term as “Australia’s safest Street”.

The concept was introduced at a community safety forum held in Diggers Rest late last year.

For many years, residents have not been comfortable with the level of police presence in their town.

According to a recent A Current Affair report, 18 cameras have been fitted to 5 properties along the street providing 24 hour continuous surveillance.

Although Diggers Rest has seen its fair share of crime related problems, overall it’s a quiet town with a well-connected and observant community.

The Tea Tree Street residents seem primarily concerned about the potential threat of home invasions and the violence associated with that type of crime.

It’s understood that each household pays an upfront sum of $400.00 to become a member of the network this provides 24 hour access to every camera on the street, an additional $150.00 is payable annually.

Melton City Council were keen to learn more about what a CCTV initiative for Diggers Rest would appear like. However, Council recognises that many questions remain unanswered around privately owned CCTV systems capturing the movement of residents through public open spaces and street scapes.

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