Okay, for shared pathway

Josh Bull (MP), member for Sunbury announced yesterday that the Victorian Government would fund the long awaited shared pathway joining Diggers Rest and Sunbury.

The $1.1 million dollar project will be funded through the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution Program (GAIC).

Diggers Rest is currently experiencing rapid growth and the need to provide safe connections for pedestrians and cyclists is paramount.

Hector Bugeja, a member of the Sunbury and Diggers Rest Bicycle Users Group, initiated the campaign for the shared path following the death of a cyclist at the location in 2015.

His efforts received strong support from the Bloomdale Estate Developers, the Cities of Melton and Hume, Josh Bull (MP) and the Community of Diggers Rest.

It’s expected that the pathway will be completed by late 2018.

Mr Bugeja praised the Bloomdale developers for their “innovative design approach for improving safety”.

He acknowledged their forward thinking to provide separated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians.

The new pathway should help encourage more residents to cycle or walk around their community.