Scrap-pile for Houdini model biplane

The now famous model bi-plane which was constructed in 2010 and used to help celebrate Australia’s Centenary of Flight in Diggers Rest will be dismantled.

It took local volunteer Mr Ian Satur more than 600 hours to build the unit which is a scale model replica of the original bi-plane flown by escapologist, Harry Houdini at Diggers Rest in 1910.

Following the commemorative festivities in 2010, the model was stored in a building where it suffered some damage and deterioration.

Extensive repairs were undertaken in 2014 in order to preserve the model and since then it has been stored privately awaiting a suitable facility to provide a permanent display for the legacy item.

Unfortunately, despite a number of open-ended promises by Melton City Council to accommodate the model within a permanent setting, it’s understood that the model will be destroyed in the coming days.