Live local, buy local

It’s often said that buying local and supporting local traders helps to build a vibrant localised economy.

Diggers Rest is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, primarily due to the expanded Sunbury Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) which now includes the Diggers Rest township.

For many years Diggers Rest was unable to obtain an increase in population large enough to sustain some basic day-to-day services.

Although Diggers Rest is still constrained by the UGB, Airport overlay and Green Wedge, it now has the capacity to deliver a range of much need amenities for residents.

In recent weeks there has been considerable interest in promoting local business networks within the Diggers Rest catchment.

Unfortunately, Diggers Rest is not like other small townships and does not have a “main street”, community hub type location were locals can meet and greet.

Much of the focus is directed toward the emerging work from home, small office – home office culture which includes landscape gardeners, accountants, hairdressers, plumbers, electricians and the like.

Local resident Renee Edwards Creek has established a Facebook group to help engage directly with local business with the emphasis on thinking local first.

The Diggers Rest Community Facebook Group has introduced a local business document, supporting local business as part of their group.