Buyers jump at Paddock Release


Today, avid property buyers queued to secure their slice of paradise in the growing Diggers Rest Bloomdale Estate.

The early release of Stage 19 had lots starting from $162,900.

Stephen Gochman, new home consultant for Simonds Homes provided prospective buyers with a range of early bird deals, whilst Emma Bailey, sales consultant for Bright Homes Constructions (bhc) was praised for her exceptional one-on-one service.

Carmen and Philip Edwards, are soon to call Diggers Rest home after snapping up their piece of soil in the first come, first served sales frenzy.

Lots in the “Paddock Release” are expected to be titled in May 2017.

Neighbourhood crime crackdown

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Western suburbs community organisation Community Against Crime (CAC), has developed a program designed to help reduce crime.

The program is an active network which sets out to communicate with residents about local crime related issues, exchanging information and working proactively with police.

In the fight against crime, this idea is an advancement on the traditional “Neighbourhood Watch” concept which has incorporated the use of CCTV and Smartphone technology.

“Help App” is a feature of CAC which uses the Global Positioning System (GPS). During a time of duress, the app systematically sends a 30 second video from your mobile phone to a monitoring station, this provides details of your current location and the monitoring station will attempt to contact authorities in your area to provide assistance.

CAC actively promotes the use of in-car camera systems as well as their purpose built “Hoon Cam Car”. This car is freely available to any community group, organisation or entire street provided the majority of neighbours are fully supportive.

For some time now the organisation has been interested in assisting Diggers Rest residents to establish a CAC network. It’s expected that a representative from CAC will attend the community safety meeting on September 16, 2016.

For additional information, checkout the following link:

Free snake removal program, renewed

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At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held last night, Melton City Council voted to extend the trial Snake Removal Program for a further 12 months.

The trial was considered effective and 25% of call-outs resulted in the removal and relocation of a snake.

In most cases, snakes were removed from within the areas of Burnside, Caroline Springs, Hillside and Ravenhall.

Councils decision to extend the trial will enable the program to be accessible over the coming warmer months which are traditionally notorious for snake activity as snakes come out of hibernation.

Although the weather conditions have been cold, some snake sightings close to Diggers Rest have already been reported.

Access to the free removal program is subject to conditions and may not be available to residents living on rural or semi-rural properties. It’s understood that industrial properties are not included in the program.

Residents should be mindful of the types of landscaping and vegetation which typically attract snakes. Use the following link to download a fact sheet produced by Zoos Victoria, entitled “Snakes around the home”

Requests for a snake catcher by residents will only be responded to if the snake is clearly visible and the property owner provides authorisation to remove the snake.

For more information, or to report a snake, call Council on 9747 7200.

Residents seek local Police talks


In light of the number of recent crime related issues in Diggers Rest, Melton Police Inspector Kathryn Rudkins will be visiting our town to discuss a Neighbourhood Watch Program and learn about other matters concerning residents.

The session has been organised at the request of the Neighbours Network and the topics will include, rights of home owners subject to home invasions, backyard exposure in undeveloped open areas and the rights of perpetrators.

This is the second time in just a few months that Melton Police have engaged with residents in Diggers Rest to discuss local crime related issues.

The discussion session will be held at the Diggers Rest Community Hall at 7:00pm, Friday September 16, 2016.

Call on youth to be heard

Taylors Hill 019

Despite all good intentions, for some time now Melton City Council has not successfully delivered on youth engagement in Diggers Rest.

Unfortunately, many residents aged 12 to 25 are disenfranchised from Council based activities and programs. Most secondary school aged residents living in Diggers Rest attend school outside the Melton municipality. The township of Diggers Rest has no direct transport links to its municipal central business district.

Melton Youth Services offer a range of quality youth specific programs through the Melton Youth Centre, Barries Road, Melton and Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre, Calder Park Drive, Taylors Hill.

Melton Youth Services are seeking feedback from young people to help shape services and programs to meet the needs of young people in our local community.

An online survey is currently available for young people aged 12 to 25 living within the Melton municipality. This is an ideal opportunity for young people to have a say about what services, programs and events they would like to see on offer.

Use the following link to participate in the survey:

It’s understood the survey will be active until September 6, 2016.