Coles claims a stake in Diggers Rest

In a response email to the Diggers Rest Effective Advocacy Membership (DREAM) Group, supermarket giant Coles has announced the acquisition of a site in the Bloomdale development at Diggers Rest.

The $12m+ purchase of the Ellis Drive property should demonstrate a significant degree of confidence for the future of Diggers Rest.

The Bloomdale developers (AVID) have always maintained that a full-line supermarket would form part of their development in accordance with the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) which was approved in 2012.

Diggers Rest is included within the expanded Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) for Sunbury which essentially limits any further development of the township beyond the UGB.

At the July 2023 Melton City Council meeting, Council confirmed that “based on Council’s population predictions, it is anticipated that the residential and commercial development in Diggers Rest will reach 70% of its capacity in 2030”.

It appears that Coles has acknowledged this stating that “developing such a site typically stretches over many years”.

No doubt the DREAM Group will advocate further in support of our local community.