Diggers Rest Business Profile: A1 Barber


Business owner of A1 Barber Diggers Rest, Ali Zowaid is providing service with style and a welcoming place for the community.

Owner of A1 Barber Diggers Rest Ali Zowaid and his happy customer. Photo by Nadir Abdella from Third Eye Pictures.

Business Name: A1 Barber
Address: 9 Banks Drive Diggers Rest
Open times: Monday: 9am-5:30pm, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 9am-5:30pm, Thursday: 9am-6pm, Friday: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-6pm & Sunday: 10am-4pm
Contact: Ali on 0423 355 110


If you’re looking for a haircut, buzz-cut, kid’s haircut, fade cut, or some grooming with a men’s shave, beard trim, or straight razor shave then head over to A1 Barber Diggers Rest.

Guaranteeing a luxury barber experience, A1 Barber is a pristinely furbished venue with comfortable chairs and pumping tunes. Located in the Banks Drive business precinct of Diggers Rest, A1 Barber is celebrating its first year in business.

Business owner and head barber Ali offers next-level hair styling services and his first year in business has been incredible.

Ali told diggersrest.com.au, “Starting my business here was a good opportunity as there isn’t a barber in the area, and I wanted to be the first one in.”

He continued, “Actually one of my friends recommended me to this area. I had the opportunity to come and open my own business here, and I thought, why not? I’ll take on the challenge.”

A1 Barber’s sharp interior design located on Banks Drive Diggers Rest. Photo by Nadir Abdella from Third Eye Pictures.


It’s no secret Ali is famous for his fade cuts, but it’s his incredible customer service that keeps his loyal customer base travelling from all over Melbourne to visit him.

Positive reviews on Google Reviews give A1 Barber a near perfect score, with one reviewer stating:

“Love the legends at A1. Always a great haircut and quality service! You will not be disappointed with this place! Highly recommended.”

Google Reviews

Ali is excited about the growing community and the new customers he will meet. In his first year of business Ali has enjoyed getting to know what’s going on in the area.

“I love learning about different cultures, and it’s a new generation area here,” he said.

Ali doing his thing at A1 Barber Diggers Rest. Photo by Nadir Abdella from Third Eye Pictures.


You don’t have to come in to the barber just for a haircut Ali said.

“Some people live alone, and they come in for a chat sometimes. And some people they just love talking to barbers.”

Ali is friendly and clearly enjoys his job. He said, “I have so many customers that don’t just come for the haircut but come for a chat, come for the vibe, and say hello.

It’s the best part of his job he said, “I love talking to people and making connections. In the chair we meet everyone from all walks of life. If you’re down, we will try and make you happy.”

Ali points out that the community “has been so supportive, and supportive of the other businesses too.”

He said, “I just want us to support each other even more. We make sure we are always recommending other businesses.”

Ali wants the community to know how grateful he has been for the warm welcome he has received. “Thank you for the support, I really appreciate everyone supporting me this year. And I hope I can do better next year.”

An asset to the area, Ali’s positive future-thinking energy has made the first barber shop in Diggers Rest a welcoming place to stop for a cut, a chat and share the vibes.

To learn more about A1 Barber head to the A1 Barber Shop Facebook Page.