Diggers Rest Business Profile: Listen to Your Body


The first gym to open in the suburb of Diggers Rest, Listen to Your Body is providing residents in the community with a place to work out, de-stress and focus on their physical wellbeing.

Amanda Rodrigues is the owner of Listen To Your Body (LTYB) Diggers Rest. She stands with her team. Photo supplied.

Business Name: Listen To Your Body
Address: Level1/9 Banks Drive Diggers Rest
Open times: Open daily with morning sessions starting from 5am-10.45am, and afternoon sessions from 4.45pm-7pm.
Contact: amanda@listentoyourbody.com.au


A newly created group personal training studio has opened in the suburb of Diggers Rest. Located in the recently built business district on Banks Drive, Listen To Your Body (LTYB) is a much-needed service that has been warmly welcomed by residents in the area.

The owner of the new LTYB, Amanda Rodrigues is a local resident and has grown up on a hobby farm in Diggers Rest. Having lived in the suburb for more than 30 years, and often commuting to other suburbs or into the CBD to access fitness facilities, Amanda has always been hopeful that a local gym or training studio would open up.

After access to gyms became further limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda began reassessing her priorities, and the idea of starting her own franchised training studio became a reality.

“So for me personally, when I don’t go to the gym I feel awful, I just love working out,” Amanda said. But the travel time to get to her favourite gym was becoming tiresome.

“What came out of the COVID-19 lockdowns was that it made me realise that I don’t want to do the commute anymore,” She said. “I wanted to ground myself in Diggers Rest. This is home, this is where everything is.”

Leaving the corporate life behind Amanda started work on the franchise studio with positive feedback and results from the community.

“The support I have felt from the community has absolutely blown my mind,” she said.

Meet the LTYB Diggers Rest Team from (L-R) Ash is LTYB’s Studio Manager, Josh is a Personal Trainer at the studio, and Amanda is the owner of LTYB. Photo supplied.


A small group personal training studio, Listen To Your Body (or also known as LTYB) is not a traditional gym. A personalised workout experience, the studio offers state of the art fitness equipment, group fitness sessions, and a personal trainer always on hand.

“While we are working out in small groups every single member gets their own individual training program. Everyone gets a program that is specific to them, to their needs, their training history, their goals, and any health concerns they may have,” Amanda said.

Members can sign up, access session information and purchase merchandise on the LTYB App. Another bonus to the studio is that there are no lock-in contracts or sign-up fees. And you can pause your membership at any time by emailing the studio to let them know.

An interesting thing about the LTYB studio is that there are no large mirrors, ensuring the emphasis of the space is about fitness and health rather than personal appearance. And appointment only workouts mean that there isn’t a chance of over-crowding.

The LTYB Team and members celebrate milestones. Learn more about Listen To Your Body located on Banks Drive, Diggers Rest. Photo supplied.


A business targeted towards the positive wellbeing of its local residents will no doubt continue to benefit the community into the future. With the location of the studio central, walking to the studio is an added bonus.

“What I really love is the community feel. You come in, and sure everyone’s doing their own workout, and you may smile at someone. And then the next time you come in you say hello to that person. After a few sessions you start getting to know each other,” Amanda said.

“It’s just a way to maintain that positive sort of vibe. To take that 45 minutes a day or a week – how ever often you can get down – to just stop thinking about what’s happening on the outside world and re-focus on yourself. For me its very calming and I hope that transfers over to the local community,” she said.

Looking for a space to train, or learn more about your fitness? Don’t be shy and give Amanda, or Studio Manager Ash a call or email. Visit Listen to Your Body’s Facebook Page to learn more: Listen To Your Body Diggers Rest.