Group planned to keep watch

Residents who are fed up with the recent spate of crime related issues in Diggers Rest are taking swift action toward crime awareness and prevention.

General growth in the crime rate, hoon driving, graffiti attacks, property damage and the overall lack of police presence in the area has prompted interest in forming a Neighbourhood Watch group for the town.

The sheer volume of crime related activity currently being posted to the Diggers Rest Facebook groups has heightened the level of anxiety for many residents. 

Although Diggers Rest falls within the Melton Police precinct, many residents are concerned about the reported temporary reduction in hours of operation at the Sunbury Police Station.

The idea of creating a Neighbourhood Watch group for Diggers Rest was originally discussed at the Community Safety Forum held in 2016 which prompted the development of the Diggers Rest CCTV Street Watch Program.

Residents wishing to support or become involved with the Neighbourhood Watch initiative can register their interest via the following link: