Houdini plane display

Local Melton resident Ian Satur became well known for his contribution to the 2010 Houdini Festival of Flight celebrations held in the municipality of Melton.

As part of the festivities, Ian constructed a scaled-down replica of the biplane used by the famous escapologist Harry Houdini in 1910.

His model was an integral feature which helped to celebrate Australia’s first powered controlled sustained flight of an aircraft.

The model was briefly displayed at the Old School House in Diggers Rest before being moved to the National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin.

Since then, the model has been fully restored in readiness for a permanent home in Diggers Rest.

At the April 2014 Ordinary Meeting of Council, Councillors voted to consider the placement of the Houdini model biplane within the new Diggers Rest Pavilion.

It’s understood that the additional funding recently announced through the Growing Suburbs Fund, could help to provide a permanent display for the model.