More trains, more often

The State Government recently announced the removal of the level crossing at Calder Park Drive and the proposed closure of the level crossing at Holden Road.

It’s understood that these upgrades together with the removal of the level crossing at Sunbury will provide for bigger trains to accommodate 113,000 extra peak-hour passengers each weekday along the Sunbury line.

According to a publication by the State Government, removing these crossings will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow for more trains, more often.

The publication also acknowledges that the boom gates can be down for more than 25 minutes in the morning peak, with 25 train services timetabled.

Whilst the upgrades are welcomed and vital to the delivery of better services, it seems that the consequential impacts for the level crossing at Diggers Rest have been overlooked.

At the June 28 meeting of Council, the Diggers Rest level crossing was described as “one of the most dangerous intersections with the level crossing we have in the municipality”.

These upgrades coupled with the rapid development in Diggers Rest is sure to present new challenges around safety and congestion at the level crossing.

Local member for Sunbury Josh Bull has advised that he will continue to advocate for the level crossing to be removed.

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