No stopping on pathway

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely tough for many residents. A local resident was helping out by delivering some necessary supplies to another resident who at the time was under strict COVID-19 quarantine orders not to leave home.

Whilst making the delivery, a Council Law Enforcement Officer noticed his vehicle was stopped on the property crossover and extending onto the footpath.

Although the driver never left the vehicle or terminated the engine, a $99.00 fine was issued.

A compassionate appeal against the fine was lodged on the basis that the vehicle was stopped and not parked and due to COVID-19 the driver was helping a mate in need. Council were not sympathetic and have since advised that the infringement will not be withdrawn.

Often you’ll see vehicles obstructing footpaths in Diggers Rest and this incident is a great indication that despite all good intentions, no exceptions will be made for those in violation of being stopped on a footpath, even during a once in a lifetime pandemic.