Play it safe with Safie

Everyone is entitled to feel safe and to go about their business of everyday life without the fear of being threatened or intimidated.

However, our modern society is plagued with daily occurrences of anti-social behaviour, instances of road rage and general bouts of bullying.

Ross Sbisa is one of the co-founders of the personal safety app, Safie.

The app was developed in response to the brutal death of Jill Meagher in 2012.

At the request of Diggers Rest Community Web Links (, Ross took time out to visit the General Store Post Office and provide us with a personal overview of the many benefits associated with downloading and installing the app.

He explained that the ‘panic button” feature, once activated will contact as many pre-selected contacts at the time of an emergency.

The app will continue to record images and audio, saving the data to the cloud whilst alerting the nominated contacts and providing them with your live continuously updated GPS location.

Therefore, even if your phone is taken or damaged during the emergency, the app has already securely saved all the information.

Free to download and use, the app also has a paid version which includes added features.

Use the following link to download the app and learn more about the benefits of using Safie.