Sunbury business concept

Despite the rapid growth in the population of Sunbury and the surrounding district, many local businesses are struggling to survive.

Following the B.E.A.R (Business Expansion and Retention) Project, which was headed up by Bernie Hetherington and Michael Osborne, it’s understood that small businesses are concerned about the size of the market place in Sunbury.

According to some proprietors, factors like limited parking, high rental costs and excessive council rates are all having an impact on a sustainable business future.

A number of initiatives have been undertaken to encourage local shopping.

These include, an annual street festival, targeted video showcasing for individual businesses, comical sketch routines for social media and the recent development of an online digital platform.

The newly created platform known as “Sunbury Click & Collect” aims to expand and retain business within the Sunbury region and help to combat the likes of Amazon, who according to the program creator “are going to be a real threat to small business”.

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