We’re moving Nextdoor

Diggers Rest Community Web Links (DiggersRest.com) was established in 2002 and soon became an ideal way for residents to connect online and discuss local issues.

With the introduction and popularity of Facebook in 2004, our focus moved toward supporting community initiatives and the delivery of general information, including updates relating to future developments and advocacy for our township.

Today, more and more people are turning to online communities for social interaction and up to date information.

Nextdoor, the private network for neighbours provides residents with an opportunity to connect with people living near by.

Unlike other social media platforms, every Nextdoor user is verified against their address as part of the application process. This helps to keep the community safe and reduce the risk of faceless people hiding behind fake user profiles.

Neighbours world-wide are turning to Nextdoor to give and get help, receive trusted daily information, and help create real-life connections with people close by.

We’re looking forward to meeting up with locals via Nextdoor very soon.

Use the following link to accept my personal invitation to join Nextdoor: